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Nakotah offers clients Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Distribution Resource Planning (DRP), and Production Planning solutions.  Our 'secret sauce' includes the utilization forward-leaning Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to manage profit and loss.  Nakotah presents clients with essential industry recognized management techniques, applications, tools, and practices to mitigate risks and achieve company goals. 

Doing Right by Our Clients

We are growing through successful customer-centric performance. In short, we do right by our clients. Our company has experienced 25 years of steady growth, while adding new customers & capabilities along the way. 


236220 - Commercial & Institutional Building Construction

237990 - Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction

238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

541330 – Engineering Services

541611 – Administrative & General Management Consulting Services

541614 - Manufacturing Management Consulting Services

541618 – Other Management Consulting Services

541690 – Other Professional, Scientific & Technical Consulting Services

541691 – All Other Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

541712 – Temporary Technical & Professional Support (TTAPS)

541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

561110 – Office Administrative Services

561990 – All Other Support Services