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Working Together for Success

Working Together for Success


Nakotah clients are presented with a variety of management and support expertise aimed at providing cost-effective, implementable & sustainable solutions for their product development, ERP, MRP , PP&C, EVMS and RMM systems.

Working Together for Success

Working Together for Success

Working Together for Success


Clients want both tactical and strategic advice and solutions. They want to hear and know about alternative ideas and paths that align short and long-term needs.  Nakotah’s clients receive sound solutions, flawless administration and execution. Our client’s receive best-in-class, recognized practices and advice with results tailored to their business objectives. Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been hallmarks throughout our history.  


Working Together for Success



Clients consider our outsourcing strategies as “plug and play” solutions by providing their organizations instant expertise, processes, policies and tools. Business leaders realize increased performance, execution & cost controls – now & into the future.  Our BPO works with start-up's to established organizations. Strategic BPO allows for a wide range of options and pacing tailored and planned to fit the organization and it's needs.  

Material Requirements & Manufacturing Resource Planning


Managing Projects to Major Programs

From Initial Requirements Analysis to Software Selection to Post-Implementation and Sustainment.

Nakotah offers clients Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Distribution Resource Planning (DRP), and Production Planning solutions.  We utilize forward-leaning Key Leading Indicators (KPI) in combination with PP&C and EVMS techniques to help manage the impact on P&L.  Nakotah presents clients with essential industry recognized management techniques, applications, tools, and practices to mitigate risks and achieve company goals. 


Eliminating Wasted Time & Money

Consultancy Services

  • Master Planning & Controls
  • Pre-Design Consultation
  • Project Definition Planning
  • Design Development Documentation
  • Contract Documentation & Management
  • Phase Quality Control
  • Pre & Post Quality Control
  • Due Diligence Inspection & Reports
  • Specification Writing


MRP Expertise & Processing

From the bill of materials (BOM), integrated master planning schedule (IMPS), and inventory files - Nakotah MRP system expertise helps clients determine the requirements for raw materials, parts, and subassemblies for each period in the planning range. 

Nakotah provides initial reporting that consists of planned order schedules that outline the quantities and timing of future material orders; order releases, which authorize purchases made, and changes to planned shipments. 

Secondary reporting includes performance control reports - used to track problems like missed delivery dates and stock-outs to evaluate system performance; planning reports, which are used to forecast future inventory requirements; and exception reports - calling attention to production obstacles like late orders or excessive scrap levels.

Program/Project Planning & Controls

“Measure Twice, Cut Once”

Easier said than done, right?

We live in an age where the customer, budget and ROI demands are enormous, but yet when the project goes over-budget and behind there always seems to enough time and money to rework the planned activities.  Studies have shown that US companies can save up to 40% in product development costs with proper, methodical planning.  The reality, too, it’s no surprise that true success stories are few and far between given the array of project team challenges managing 'People, Places, and Things.'

That is why an organization needs to establish and employ effective; industry recognized and repeatable Program Planning & Control (PP&C) processes and capabilities.

Controlling Program & Project Development

Our mission is to aid clients in achieving optimal program execution results by using tailored PP&C and EVMS practices that drive achievable life-cycles that promote budgets and organizational profitability.  We establish integrated sets of business processes, technical tools, program controls and communication mechanisms that create and support high-efficiency business units and integrated program/project/product teams (IPT).

Fully Integrated

We apply recognized PP&C standards and practices, in the right amount — all of which impact multiple departments within the organization — from the office of CFO through marketing, pricing, contracting, sales, construction, logistics, PMO, and operations.

Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)


EVMS: Managing the Battle Between Cost, Schedule & Product Development

What is EVMS?  In basic terms - Earned Value Management is the mechanism and technique to capture, measure and report how a program or project is progressing regarding money, time and the product being built or developed.  Progression (be it ahead or behind) is measured against the baseline (1) budgeted cost ($); (2) the allocated schedule (time) to produce and deliver the product the customer is paying for, and (3) the product design requirements.  Also known as the 'EVMS tension triangle,' which means if one thing moves (ahead or behind) it will impact one or two of the other things.


Buying Software Does Not Provide an Earned Value Management System.

HEADS-UP: Buying Software Does Not Make for an EVM 'System'

EVMS is a combination of methods, tools, and repeatable processes and is the most comprehensive forward looking trend analysis technique available for managing programs and projects. By using trend data EVM techniques are proven to successfully forecast cost or schedule overruns in the early stages of an endeavor.  Call us, and we will be happy to discuss your thoughts and provide you with real, straight forward information regarding the implementation  and support needs for your Earned Value Management 'System'.

Accurate Forecast Look-Ahead

Because of EVM’s structured approaches, it is not unreasonable for managers and executive level directors to gain project performance awareness 30, 60, 90, 120 days or more into the future.

Nakotah not only applies PP&C and EVMS as program and project management controls – we go further into the enterprise and executive level.  By providing timely and accurate performance information, senior management has the forecast information to correlate project execution against company profitability, future product development, labor, materials planning, and others directions.


Government Required & Private Sector EVMS

Scalable PP&C and EVMS

We support the sentiment that Earned Value Management comes in two overarching flavors – full Government  DOD DCMA 32 criteria and a less rigorous, yet highly effective version referred to as ‘EVMS-Lite.'

EVMS and EVMS-Lite are comprised of fundamental processes, inputs, and outputs that are scaled based on the program or project scope and complexity.  In turn, scalability allows for practicality in the application of resources, processes, and tools. The result is a manageable Earned Value Management “System” which provides insight into program performance, and forward-leaning informed business decisions.

Scalable Yet Compliant

We apply common sense to PP&C and EVMS be it full, ANSI/EIA-748, 32 criteria compliant when required or less stringent variations. Regardless of the EVMS application, our solutions are always government standard EVMS compliant or aligned to be EVMS compliant. When we employ an EVMS sub-set of the 32 criteria, those are not diluted or reinventions of successful, proven methods, techniques or processes.

Integrated Risk Mitigation & Management (RMM)

Stacking The Odds in Your Favor

In business, taking calculated risks to advance the organization’s market position is just that — calculated. A lot goes into those calculations such as SWOT, market saturation, competition, product viability, socio-demographics impact studies and analysis, and several others. If done accurately, great gains can be made for organizations willing to invest the time and energy.

Conversely, when addressing adverse risks that face organizations programs, projects or product development, less than 40% of all US companies have program or project RMM plans, processes or tools. At Nakotah, we designed our progressive RMM practice to aid clients by significantly reducing waste and inefficiencies, while protecting capital and assets, and giving our clients a competitive edge.

Integrated Risk Capture

An aspect of Nakotah's best practices includes capturing, managing and integrating risks in the schedule, and following up with full-circle communications with the team.  By having the risks threaded through the Integrated Master Plan & Schedule this provides ‘Go / No-Go’ visibility into risk severity and if the risk is severe enough – development of work-around plans or the application of other risk management techniques.

Dynamic RMM

Our approach to RMM goes beyond designing and implementing processes, methods, systems at the PMO or project level. We address RMM as a holistic system of interconnected, but not mutually exclusive practices, work-flows, work-products and systems. By strategically honing and integrating RMM at all levels of the enterprise we help our clients to:

  • Control costs
  • Protect cash positions
  • Execute more efficiently
  • Increase time-to-market cycles
  • Reduce or eliminate redundancies
  • Adjust and tailor JIT labor and materials planning
  • Instill greater customer confidence for on-time and on-cost delivery
  • Obtain measurable RMM criteria and metrics for proactive contingency planning
  • Optimize supply chain, procurement and vendor purchases and logistics efficiencies
  • Create standard and repeatable processes making programs and project run effectively